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About Us

Our Story

In 2004, 2A had an idea: he wanted to make a game. He invited 2D and 2Z, who wanted a Zombie Apocalypse game. At this time, another guy was in the team. Later, after a little accident, 2A meet 2K. He was the only hope of he team: 2K was the only man on know the C++! He thought every thing to his new bestfriend, 2A. The other guy was fired. Some months later, 2R joined us. He wanted to make some musics and he is a real professional but making musics is long. Today, we are six in the team. Few months ago, 2Z invited 2T. He is now our Map Designer but he is slowing us a little because we have to teach him how to use the tools...
Writen by 2K

Our Goals

All that we want is to make games better than the others. But we have some rules:

  • The closest to the real life
  • The lesser bugs has possible
  • Use musics that the player will like
  • And so on...

Writen by 2K

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