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The Team

Kevin Cantin (2A)
2A is the creator of this team and has the first idea of Sickness. He is a programmer and he is an excellent mathematician.

Pascal Maltais (2D)
2D is the first member of the team and he is a huge source of ideas. He is our picture modifier and a model maker

William Gauthier (2Z)
2Z was the second member of the team and he is the best drawer we've ever seen. 2Z is our draft drawer and our gun specialist. He is also a nice model maker.

Daniel Grondin (2K)
2K's meet was an accident: 2A was transfered to another school. 2K is the best programmer, he is the main webmaster and he know a little of the other jobs.

Pierre-Luc Caouette (2R)
2R was a little septical about his membership with the team. The next year, 2K and 2A told him again and he accept. 2R is the main music maker, texture maker and another huge source of ideas.

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